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Our many years of proven field experience and the versatility of our designs place us in the forefront of well control for beampumping oil wells. The DOUBLE-E Production Blowout Preventer provides an example of the many applications and the dependability of DOUBLE-E equipment.

Our Production Blowout Preventer (BOP) may be permanently installed between the tubing head and the pumping tee or between the tee and the stuffing box. It can be used to pack off a pumping well by sealing on the polished rod or on the sucker rods. With suitable rams it can also seal without rods in the hole. Well servicing companies can use our BOP along with our sucker rod stripper when pulling rods under pressure. In this case, the BOP functions as a stand-by or emergency pressure control tool.

Because operating conditions in the oil patch vary, we have several different designs and a number of options for our production BOPs. We offer rams in many sizes and in various pressure ratings. Our standard, manually-operated BOP can be modified to allow hydraulic/pneumatic pressure or coil springs to activate the rams.

DOUBLE-E BOPs can be trimmed for sour service or furnished with special elastomeric seals for differing conditions, including high pressure or extremes of temperature. Flanged or threaded end connections are both available. Thread sizes range from 1 1/2" NU up to 7" API casing. All DOUBLE-E BOPs are traceable, serialized and pressuretested. We can furnish NACE certification for H2S service on many models. Special orders are welcome.

Nobody can shut down a well as dependably as DOUBLE-E. Our standard rams for production BOP's are shown here; many variations of these basic styles exist.


The Type LP-DF (dome face) is capable of closing off on 0 - I ac" rod to hold 1,500 psi working pressure. The Type LP-DF ram is an all rubber, steel reinforced ram.


The Type LP is molded to seal on the exact rod or pipe specified. Pressure rating is l,500 psi working pressure.


The HP6-FF rams hold 3,000 psi working pressure. Being all steel, they have a molded rubber seal across the flat surface and seal against themselves for a "zero" shut off (no rod in the hole).


The Type HP6 holds 3,000 psi working pressure. These all-steel rams with a molded rubber seal are machined to seal on exact rod and pipe O.D.

DOUBLE-E rams are available for extremes of temperature, HZS service and for keyed & pressure-balanced BOPs. NACE certification available. Special orders welcome.

The DOUBLE-E Type LP-15 Blowout Preventer combines all the desired features in a low pressure, economical BOP with an improved ram design.

The Type LP-15 BOP rams perform like blank rams for a zero shut down (i.e. no rod or line in the hole), and close on all rod sizes up to 1 1/2". No matter what situation arises the Type LP- 15 BOP can shut down the well. This versatility helps distributors minimize inventories and reduce ordering errors.

The two-piece ram incorporates a pin and socket design that connects a rubber ram element to an L-shaped ductile iron ram plate. The ram plate supports both the back and the top of the ram rubber. This design gives added strength to control the upward thrust of well pressure and avoid the bond failure problems associated with other ram designs.

This rugged BOP has o-ring seals, is full opening, and allows quick changing of the rams or rubber. It fulfills all low-pressure well control requirements when pulling rods or when sealing around polished rods. It is available in all standard thread connections and combinations. Standard rams close on 0 - 1 1/2" rod. Test pressure is 4,000 psi and working pressure is 2,000 psi. Handles and viton rubber rams are available. Weight: 41 lbs. Heights 9 1/2".

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