The new "Slip Joint Tensioner from Westech-HMD will revolutionize offshore drilling and production! Offering increased speed, simplified operations and drastically reduced deck loading, the SJT will allow your rig to drill and complete wells faster than any method currently available.

The unique IN-LINE geometry of the Westech hydraulic cylinders avoids the problems encountered with other "direct connect" riser tensioning systems. The SJT develops uniform pulling force around the slip joint, thus avoiding the premature seal & rod wear and failures associated with other systems. The capacity of the SJT is 3,000,000 pounds and it is designed for constant, heavy weather service, worldwide.

When your BOP needs to be pulled for ram changes or repair, the SJT will allow you to retrieve it without pulling the riser! This will save days on every well and lower the chance of downhole problems upon re-entry. The real advantage of the Westech SJT is in what it allows the rig to do in terms of drilling and well completions. The SJT is designed to "Hard Hang Off" the entire Riser / BOP system, off-line from the well bore. A subsea Spool Tree is then run on drill pipe, latched onto the wellhead and the Riser/ BOP is re-landed on top of the Spool Tree. In record time the transition from drilling to completion activity is accomplished without pulling the stack or bringing in another specialized rig Your rig stays on the job longer!


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