A mechanical system providing for the horizontal racking, transferring and positioning of drillpipe stands. This removes the amount of standing pipe in the derrick.

Westech HMD makes both Land Based and Offshore Piperackers many of which are still being used today after 20 years of service.

  Land Based Piperacker

Based on the highly successful design of the offshore Piperacker, the Pipemaster® Land Piperacker is remotely operated for positive mechanical control of drill pipe and casing. This system incorporates a unique elevator to raise pipe from the horizontal racks to ramp arms where transverse rollers position the pipe longitudinally and indexers control the movement of the pipe to the skate. The Pipemaster® Land Piperacker moves drill pipe and casing semi-automatically from the racking area to and from the rig floor for drilling and "laydown" operations. The system can be housed in an enclosure for work in the arctic, or skid mounted between standard pipe racks and supplied without elevating mechanism for use in less hostile climates

  Offshore Piperacker

The remotely operated, manually-controlled Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker improves efficiency through positive mechanical control in horizontally storing, handling and racking of tubular goods. Adaptable to drill ships, semi-submersibles and mobile self-elevating platforms, the system semi-automatically moves drill pipe, collar and riser sections to and from the rig floor for tripping operations. The Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker provides a system that mechanically controls and handles pipe in adverse sea states.

  Key Benefits

• Positive control of drillpipe, riser and casing mechanical containment during tripping.
• Improves ships stability by lowering vessel center of gravity.
• Reduced operating cost by not having to lay down drillpipe for rig movement.
• Simplified operation, one man semi-automatic control.

Power: Hydraulic 50 HP
Pneumatic Shipboard air, 100 to 150 psi
(Shipboard air, 6.910 10.4 bars)
Electric Shipboard electric, 64 KVA, 440/460V 60 cycle
Control Remote Manual
Speed One 90 foot stand per minute

Weight 230,000 lbs without interconnecting beams
(104,328 Kg without interconnecting beams)

Capacity 20,000 ft of 5 in. drill pipe with 7 in. protector stored in 90 stands
Adaptors for casing 8 5/8 in. to 30 in. 0.D. and riser 36 ½ in. 0.D. 50 It. long
(6.006 M of 127 mm drill pipe with 178 mm protector stored in 27 M stands.
Adapters for casing 220 mm to 760 mm 0.D. and risers 7.8 M.0.D. x 15.5 M long.)


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