Control Flow Engineers will design and manufacture the appropriate Riser and Guideline Tensioning System to suit individual customer requirements. Control panels, turn down sheaves and APV's are delivered exactly to customer specifications.

  Direct Connect™ - Wireless, Riser Support System

This system employs direct acting, angle mounted, cylinders. It is especially recommended for new build or rig enhancement where deck load is a consideration. Direct Connect allows the rig to gain approximately three million pounds of deck load.

Current design capacities are three to four million pounds. Early liaison with the clients engineering departments is encouraged. It is the intent of Control Flow Engineers to eliminate the Slip Joint and mount the diverter on the compensating head of the riser column.

This design will:

1. Remove vessel heave from the hole volume calculations.
2. Allowing gas removal well below the moon pool.
3. Enable 'straight' overboard flow lines.
4. Eliminate wire line and ton mile accumulation.

The Direct Connect™ system utilizes the 'Dynamic Load Compensation' Patent. This results in a relatively low pressure Nitrogen system which does not require External Air Pressure Vessels.

  Conventional Riser Tensioning Systems

Wire Line travel of fifty feet is standard. Sixty feet of line travel can also be provided.

Compensation Style Tensioners have high pressure on the piston (blind) side of the piston. Low Pressure oil is on the rod side. This configuration will occupy less space than a tension type configuration. Consequently, it is recommended when space is a consideration.

Control Flow, Inc. has designed, manufactured and delivered Dual 100,000 Pound Riser Tensioners. Eight of these units will provide One Million Six Hundred Thousand Pounds of Tension to the connector ring.

Although the operating pressure will not exceed 2,400 psi; the cylinder walls are designed for pressures exceeding 6,000 psi. This allows for a complete shut off in runaway conditions.

Tension Configuration, utilizes the operating pressure on the rod (annulus) side of the piston. The blind side is normally lubricating oil at ambient pressure. If weight is the determining factor Control Flow recommends a tension type system.

This configuration allows cylinders stroke up to 25 feet while providing rigidity and protection for the rod. A three sheave configuration would also reduce ton-mile accumulation by thirty percent.

Control Panel with standardized gauges and scratch proof facade, is another specialty product. Control Flow has delivered the largest M.O.D.U. Riser Tensioner Control Panel providing individual control for 10 single or paired Tensioners.

The preferred Control Flow, Inc. Tensioner Control Panel, is a mini-panel which operates isolation, charge and vent valves remotely.

Control Flow Design Engineers are willing to design any tensioner system to customer specifications.


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