Active / Passive Payload Motion Management Systems

• Widespread Applications involving suspended payloads or sensor platforms, soft subsea landing / ROV docking and heave-free drill rig tensioning.

• Systems Adaptability permits usage with most known compensator configurations and upgrading of existing passive systems to activated systems.

• Integrated Computer Controller processes accelerometer and other inputs using proprietary control algorithms with user-friendly operator interface.

• 95% or Better Heave Isolation achieved by utilizing a controller developed position for load insensitivity, drift and accumulated error-free motion compensator performance.

  Reliable, Low Maintenance Riser And Guide Line Tensioners

• Proven Ram Technology based on more than 30 years of experience in providing ram tensioners for offshore petroleum use and for the U.S. Navy.

• Automatic Safety Arrest limits ram velocity and physically stops ram to eliminate tensioner damage in event of wire rope failure.

• Maintenance Simplicity because of split ram seals which are replaceable without system disassembly or wire rope removal.

• Operational Simplicity for reliable riser and guide line tensioning.

• Single and Dual Models can provide from 80,000 to 250,000+ pounds tension.

• High Capacity 800,000 Pound Working Capacity and high efficiency satisfy demanding requirements.

• Innovative Pneumatic / Hydraulic Power Combination provides positive control and flexibility.

• Hydraulic Lockup On Demand in any position allows faster drilling operations.

• Automatic Safety Arrest limits hook velocity and prevents equipment damage in event of drill string failure.

  Compact, Efficient

• Light Weight Compensators reduce wire line wear and minimize derrick structure.

• More Usable Derrick Height with single cylinder design.

• Compact Design features an integral traveling block.

• Hydraulic Lockup in Any Position allows faster, more flexible drilling operations.

• In-Line Load Path through a single cylinder yields lowest weight and high efficiency.

  Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker

The remotely-operated, manually-controlled Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker improves efficiency through positive mechanical control in horizontally storing, handling and racking of tubular goods. Adaptable to drill ships, semisubmersibles and mobile self-elevating platforms, the system semi-automatically moves drill pipe, collar and riser sections to and from the rig floor for tripping operations. The Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker provides a system that mechanically controls and handles pipe in adverse sea states.

  Pipemaster® Offshore Riser and Casing Bridge Crane

When used in conjunction with the Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker, the bridge crane handles marine riser and casing for drillship operations. A lift beam transfers riser or casing to the piperacker skate and track which then delivers the riser or casing to the rig floor to be handled by the elevator and drawworks and then mechanically stabbed over the well bore. While storage capacity is dependent on the ship's beam and available above and below deck area, a typical system stows 3,000 feet (912m) of 38 inch (965 mm) diameter marine riser in 50 foot (15.2 M) lengths.

  Pipemaster® Offshore Semi-Submersible and Jack-Up Handling System

This system is specially designed to handle single drill pipe, marine riser and casing aboard semi-submersible or jack-up platforms. This tubular goods handling system provides the mechanical means to move drill pipe, marine riser and casing from a horizontal racking area on the main deck back and forth to the rig floor. Typical system storage capacity is consistent with a 100 foot (30.5 M) long deck area.

  Pipemaster® Offshore Riser and Casing Swing Crane

For use in conjunction with the Pipemaster® Offshore Piperacker, the swing crane handles riser and casing from below-deck hold space for drillship operations. A below-deck crane moves riser or casing to a pick-up station; lift beam is attached to the riser or casing which is raised to the swing crane; the swing crane places the riser or casing on the piperacker skate and track for delivery to the rig floor. Storage capacity depends on ship's beam and available below deck hold area; a typical system stows 3,000 feet (912 M) of 38 inch (965 mm) diameter marine riser in 50 foot (15.2 M) lengths.

  Pipemaster® Pipe Tensioners

Pipemaster® Pipe Tensioners are track-type tension systems capable of holding back on the pipeline, using essentially constant tension characteristics. Pipe Tensioners absorb the curvature of the pipeline and accommodate nominal changes in coating diameter. Available drives include electrohydraulic or diesel hydraulic power units. Control is by solid-state integrated electronic circuitry with independent, identical electronic or hydraulic backup control. All parameters in the speed/tension curve are adjustable by easily accessible knobs on the control console.

Single Pipemaster® Pipe Tensioners can be arranged in multiple tandem units to obtain higher tension when required. Welding or other workstations may be located between tandem units depending on barge installation. Pipe Tensioners can be supplied for locating on port or starboard ramp as well as for barge center slot operation.

  Pipemaster® Abandonment and Recovery Winch Systems

The Pipemaster® Abandonment and Recovery Winch Systems are designed for increased control during lowering of pipe for abandonment from lay barge to sea bottom. Controls and power supply integrate with Pipemaster® Pipe Tensioner systems for smooth load transfer of the highly tensioned pipeline from one system to the other. Load transfer is accomplished in automatic tension mode, compensating for barge and pipe movement induced by heavy seas. This synchronized transfer can be accomplished in about fifteen seconds, the approximate period of a single wave, under full control of the operator. System redundancy is designed into the Pipemaster® Abandonment and Recovery Winch System providing for complete control backup.

  Pipemaster® Land Piperacker

Based on the highly successful design of the offshore piperacker, WesTech/HMD's Pipemaster® Land Piperacker is, similarly, remotely operated for positive mechanical control of drill pipe and casing. This system incorporates a unique elevator to raise pipe from the horizontal racks to ramp arms where transverse rollers position the pipe longitudinally and indexers control the movement of the pipe to the skate. The Pipemaster® Land Piperacker moves drill pipe and casing semi-automatically from the racking area to and from the rig floor for drilling and "laydown" operations. The system can be housed in an enclosure for work in the arctic, or skid mounted between standard pipe racks and supplied without elevating mechanism for use in less hostile climates.


Motion Compensation Systems